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A personal welcome from Jonathan

I would like to thank you for stopping by our incipient and developing website. We at JGM exist to spread the life-changing love and salvation of Jesus Christ to hungry and hurting-hearted people everywhere.

I truly believe that the Internet, for all of its capabilities, is missing one thing more than anything else. Said in five short words: the Internet doesn’t have a heart!

30 years ago, Jesus Christ, by His Holy Spirit, His grace and mercy, miraculously touched and changed my life forever. Gone was the emptiness and disconnectedness, the shame and inner death from sins.

Since then, He has privileged me to touch, equip, teach and help many thousands of people. Even better, helping equip ministers and Christian churches of all denominations with books and videos.

I have given seminars in hundreds of churches, developed and taught Bible college courses. I have offered consulting and numerous other assistances and appropriate resources to the end of working smarter, not harder.

Having preached in hundreds of churches, written five books, and compiled the world’s largest printed Christian Resource Directory, among other things, I have been blessed by God to serve His Body, the Church.

Here’s hoping we can be of some help to you in your life and walk through this wonderful, challenging and difficult world we share.

Please, let me just personally thank you for dropping by.

I sincerely hope you enjoy perusing, and using our website and materials.


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