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"We hosted the Spell It with an "R" seminar at our church in Nov 2004. This teaching is vitally needed by every church. The material was anointed, scriptural & appreciated by all our people. I recommend the seminar to all our pastors and districts. I've invited Jonathan to do a session at our CE Convention this fall." -
Rev. Bill Procanick, NY District Christian Education Director

"Jonathan Gainsbrugh has held a number of seminars for us in S. Carolina. We had his "Winning the Backdoor War" seminar at our All Church Training Conference and "The Lamb's Book" seminar as a pre-District Council event. Jonathan is a very relevant, colorful speaker who will make you think seriously about what you do to grow the kingdom numerically and relationally! He has a love for scripture & will challenge your people to a greater commitment!" -
Rev. Victor E. Smith, S. Carolina District Director Evangelism & Discipleship


Finally, a Relationship seminar the entire church can benefit from and enjoy!

Spell it with an "R" covers:

Hour 1: God's Program from the Start: "RELATIONSHIP"

  • The Eternal, relational nature of the Trinity.
  • The "God of R"" made us in His relational image.
  • Why Satan (knowing God's heart desire) went after the "R" factor in Eden.
  • God's Redemptive Promise (Gen. 3:15) was a Person
  • God's program is Relationship, but most church's program is _______.
  • Both Great Commandments: t-o-t-a-l-l-y "R"! Hour 2:

Hour 2: JESUS' STYLE: "R" to the "max"!

  • Why Jesus chose the 12 to "be with" Him.
  • Salvation is a Person connected to by "Relationship?"
  • How to "Spell it with an "R""
  • "The power of a meal" & "The power in a name"
  • Examples of departmentally changing from the language of "P" (Program) to the language of "R"

Optional Targeted Hour 3: Changing a Program Based Church to a Relationship-Based Church

  • Spelling Evangelism & Visitor Care with an "R"
  • "R"-Oriented Every Member Ministry Involvement
  • Giving a church-wide "MRI" (Magnetic Relationship Imaging?)
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