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After starting to read "The Lambs' Book" , I thought: "Oh this will be an easy read, like your book: "Closing Your Church's Backdoors".… BUT BY PAGE 22, I WAS CRYING.

I thought: "Oh, that won't happen again…this is a book of instruction, and serious information… But by the book's end, I had used up a whole box of tissue.

Finally I had to admit that I wasn't just sad about the "lost lambs', but I was angry at myself and others for losing touch with them. I was actually enraged, and pushing that feeling back -- hoping it would fade, but it didn't."


I believe a passion like this for newborns & their care can spread through national ministries and influential Kingdom voices like yours!

Jesus Put the Lambs FIRST!
The 5 simple words above... have n-e-v-er been heard by most believers. They explain why millions of annual USA converts create NO growth in 1/3 million churches! WHy did Jesus put the lambs first? The lambs are the most vulerable part of the floc! The sheep are "the now" of the flock... but the lambs are "the future" of the flock!... and a flock without lambs is a flock without a future!

Your Church Can Become a "World-Class" Lambery!
This book provides what many pastors wish they had recieved in Bible College. Who should recieve a copy of "The Lamb's Book"? The Lamb's Book is perfect for every pastor, church boards and deacons, sunday school teachers, all leadership, and every believer who wants to better serve Jesus & His lambs!

Jesus said in John 21:15 "If you really love me, feed my lambs!

You and your church are now invited to join this tender revolution of love and care, by hosting the Feed My Lambs Seminar, and spreading this message at your church, across our nation and world!

After Reading This Book, You'll Want Multiple Copies For All Your Staff, Board, Deacons, Leaders, And Others As Well!

This Book will answer these questions...(And scores more)

    1. What does Pastor Cho do with converts at the World's Largest Church?
    2. What was Jesus' style of Convert-care, and how can your church benefit from it?
    3. What is "relational technology" & "Why is it do or die for USA Pastors today?

This Book will cover these Vital Area of New-Convert Care:

    1. If God's program is relationships.... but most church's program is
      "programs", then?
    2. Changing from a "Program-Based" church to a "Relationship-Based" church.
    3. Harvesting the next Paradigm...Starting a Convert Task force.. 100 snack-pack items... Turning "vapor converts" into "lasting fruit" & much More!
The Lamb's Book!
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