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Pastors' Care Network

Pastors care for and feed the flock...but who cares for and feeds the pastors?

We Have A Serious Problem

There are 330,000 churches in the United States. However, George Barna states U.S. Christian churches have not gained in numbers or influence over the last 20 years.

Clearly, something is wrong. Something is missing.

One major denomination’s 12,000 U.S. churches reported more than 4 million converts in the 1990s, yet Sunday morning attendance increased less than 240,000 — a 97% loss factor!

Does anyone dare ask the perfectly valid question: Where is the missing harvest?

The Solution

One thing is certain! Millions of converts are reported from revivals and crusades each year and millions of visitors are attending U.S. churches. Yet, a lack of significant church growth clearly indicates a universal need for assimilation training on how to close the backdoors of our churches.

Who is teaching our pastors and church leaders to assimilate and retain the precious harvest currently being lost?

This is where the Pastors’ Care Network (PCN) can be of great help.

Pastors Care Network (PCN)

Now pastors can access the latest resources, gain the latest information and benefit from seminars and borrow cutting-edge videos and leadership training tools. The Pastors’ Care Network, founded by Jonathan Gainsbrugh in 1994, is now helping thousands of churches to win the Backdoor War at their own churches.

PCN Benefits
The $100 Pack (a $200 value) includes
  1. 6-hour seminar Backdoor War — audiotape series
  2. 6-hour seminar Growing Your Church in the 21st Century — audiotape seminar
  3. Winning the Backdoor War by Jonathan — one copy, 200 pages in paperback
  4. 20 Ways to Close the Backdoor — 7 Backdoor Seminar overview/C-90 tape and copy permission for your church
  5. Paradigm Blindness (and how to prevent it) — 90 minute tape and copy
PCN Members Also Receive These Benefits and Much More
  • Unlimited Copying Rights — PCN partners receive rights to copy any tapes for their church
  • The Quad Pack: Includes 4 past PCN partner gift booklets, unlimited reprinting for your church
  • Help Your Greeters Extended A Warm, Caring Welcome (55 pages), Visitor Parking (30 pages), Hospitality Seven-Step Program and Revolutionary Convert Care.
Semi-Annual PCN Lit-Pack and Equipping Gifts

Full of new resource tips, cutting-edge care system ideas and contacts, feedback from members, Q & A, humor, unique leader-feeder sheets and more. Also occasional original new books and tapes by JG and others to help equip your church.

JG On Your Staff For Consulting

What would it be worth to have an assimilation expert on staff full-time (even part-time)? Now you do!

What PCN Members Are Saying

Closing Your Church's Seven Backdoors seminar attendees say

Not one boring moment...I’ve attended other seminars. This as a breath of fresh air. Best seminar I’ve ever attended. How do I teach this to my staff, board and leaders?

Pastor holds Backdoor Video Seminar his own for leaders and writes

All eight of our staff members attended your seminar...Our church elders, council, staff, group leaders and wives attended a 3½-hour leadership seminar we held using your Backdoor Video Seminar. Your material was received excitedly. We plan two or three more sessions to cover the entire video series.Thanks for your willingness to support the body of Christ with your outstanding lectures and informative publications. Please advise us of other materials of yours, items, services, and costs to guide us as we grow.

Yes! We Want PCN for Our Church — PCN Has An Affordable Plan for Your Church

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