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JGM Resource Update

October 2004 Edition

Wonderful Friend & partner in Jesus:

I'm new at this e-mail. Please forgive any faux-pas, duplications (tell me)…and I appreciate your prayers & help.

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First of all, this letter is a heartfelt, ongoing thanks! I do pray for you & yours there:

This is designed as an "E-letter": …"E" for Encouragement; but most of all to stand for Equipping.

In this issue

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Greek jewel-box micro-study
We all know Eph. 4:12, (after the 5-fold ministry in 4:11). Eph. 4:12's word for "equipping" (perfecting the saints-KJV) in the Greek is: " Katartizo" (Strongs Grk. #2675)- "to fit, frame, mend, complete thoroughly, adjust, join together, prepare, repair. Other translations read: " to train Christians in skilled servant-work within Christ's Body: the Church" (Message), "To fit His People for the work of the ministry(20th Century) " to get His holy people ready to serve as workers)(Beck) "His gifts were made that Christians might be properly equipped for their service (Phillips)"


Katartizo" is also in Mk.1:19 (& Mt.4:21): where James & John were " mending" their nets.Also Gal. 6:1 "You who are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness." and again Heb . 11:3.. "& we know the worlds were " framed" by the Word of God"

Four Attachments are included this time: I hope they are helpful:
*Copy these & reprint any of the enclosed for your board, leaders, church & any others.


Inspirational: “ The Elder Apostle John restores a wandering Lamb”…this 1-page eye-witness jewel reflects John's heart! (MS Word & PDF versions)

Devotional: " Thanks-Living" (1 pg. copyable) devotional sheet (MS Word & PDF version). ("Thanks-Living" is a great message title /or Nov. series)

Practical: A New-Birth Certificates : One is full-color: another contains text of the inner message (in MS Word) sized to personalize as you like. Fits any 8x11" Diploma Certificate-gold trim paper from any Office Supply. 

Stats: Here's the 2003 Sun. AM/Convert (nt'l & district #'s). The overall picture improved from 20 districts with a decline to only 17 in 2003. My home District (N. Cal had the largest gain all across the nation. PTL!

News, Tips and Closing
"The Lambs’ Book " is now planted into all of two District's churches (the 3rd & more in process!) To find out more about the Lambs' Book, including how to buy a copy online, please visit our special Lambs' Book page.

"The Lambs' Book" is now in every AG church in S. Dakota. Kentucky's received enough copies (200) to cover all it's AG churches! Our 2005 miracle goal is: plant The Lambs' Book in Every Church…in Every AG District.

Idea for "The Passion" on DVD: Encourage your people to not just share (or view it) with 'seeker' or unsaved friends. They might send it (with no name as sender) to a relative, friend or neighbor who outright refused to watch it at the theatre.
(Curiosity can 'save' the cat"- i.e. "Who did this really come from?)

'Diving Healing Tape/CD Now Available: All the New Testament Healing Passages This new tool is available (+ 23 page print-out) for $20: (Only $15 postage-paid for partner-churches - (specify CD or cassette)

Spell it With an “R” - the Relationship Seminar At Kentucky's District Council April '04, I presented the new 2 hour “Spell It with an ‘R’” Seminar to a great group of pastors.

We now have it on audio CD or tape (& DVD). E-mail us for prices &/or information on hosting this seminar in 2005!

Closing: Please send comments, suggestions, book reviews, hot web-links, questions, victories: most of all, specific ways to help you. Praying Eph 3:20 for you & yours & grateful for your Kingdom heart, friendship & help!

Your missionary friends & co-workers in proclaiming Jesus' Amazing Grace,

Jonathan & Jeanette Gainsbrugh and family

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