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For almost three decades I have traveled teaching 1000’s of pastors assimilation skills and healthy ways to grow their churches…and leaders. Charles Hackett called my Winning the Backdoor War, "the best book in print on how to retain new people in a church."

"The Lamb's Book calls us back to the priority of relationship in our worship of God, our care for the new convert & our love for each other! "It is a call the church would do well to heed!"

Senior Pastor John Lindell, James River Church

Every pastor knows the subject of "Relationship" is an indispensable, vital criteria as to whether people will stay or leave any church, Sunday School class or ministry. We have a theology of many vital areas but too often, we lack a "Theology of Relationship."

The Lord has given me a wonderfully new, uplifting 2 hour seminar titled
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to help our churches & Sunday Schools transition from being
"Program-based" to "Relationship-powered".

Click here to learn how to one seminar can help your church change from non-stick "teflon" into relational "Velcro"

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New Birth Certificate In Chapter 36 of The Lambs Book, I offer "24 Unique and Creative 'Lamb-Care' Ideas". One of them is a "New Birth Certificate" to be signed by the Pastor and handed out in an 8x11 frame for each New convert. Download editable text version or view a sample certificate.


Congregational Self Study Guide 100 Cutting-edge assessment questions for Pastors and key leaders of any church to ask and answer.

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